3-Day Healing Detox


  • Flush Out Toxins & Lose Weight
  • Easy recipes with Complete Grocery List
  • Detox Yoga Classes
  • No Fasting, No starving
  • Post-Detox Support
  • Easy to download PDF files – works on all computers!


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This 3-day detox is designed to help eliminate…

✅ Toxins that are stored in your fat cells and organs…

✅ Waste and accumulated food particles (literally rotting food) that are stuck in your intestines…

✅ Fat (belly fat, cellulite) that acts as a protector around the toxins…

✅ Brain fog, poor concentration, and bad memory…

✅ Emotional stress from your everyday life and from your past…

To achieve all of this, you will need to eat the most nutrient-dense superfoods and healing elixirs

This detox can eliminate all the toxic waste from your cells and organs, leaving you ready for a whole new start.

Do you need this 3-Day Detox?

❌ Do you feel tired during the day? (1-3 times per week).

❌ Are you overweight, unable to lose weight, have cellulite, or belly fat?

❌ Do you have food cravings? (1-3 times per week).

❌ Do you have skin problems or strong body odor?

❌ Do you have dark/puffy circles under your eyes?

❌ Do you suffer from bloating, gas or constipation? 

❌ Do you suffer from brain fog, have trouble concentrating, or feel confused sometimes?

❌ Do you have headaches or migraines?

❌ Do you feel moody, irritable, anxious, depressed, or low motivation?

❌ Do you have joint pain or muscle aches?

❌ Do you drink any alcohol, take drugs or smoke cigarette?

So? How did you do??

If you have one or two yeses… that’s your body’s response to a toxic environment. Your body is telling you that its over-toxified, clogged, and imbalanced.

You probably already know about my famous 7-day fasting program, but perhaps it’s not for you… And I totally get it. Fasting is not for everyone! It’s very hard, and not everyone has the capacity to stop eating for a week.

This is why I’ve created the 3-day healing detox program with healing foods so that you too have the chance to clean your body from toxins and finally feel great.

I wanted this 3-day healing detox program to be more than just a quick fix. I want you to experience this detox and enjoy it to the point that you’ll want to CHANGE YOUR LIFE and the way you normally eat!

On this detox…

  • you’ll be eating whole fresh superfoods, healing smoothies and weight loss elixirs… so don’t worry about ever feel hungry or deprived.
  • You’ll eat the right amount of food so that your body can heal your cells and organs… just enough to keep you strong but not too much so that your body doesn’t have to digest so much.
  • You’ll prepare weight loss elixirs that combine certain ingredients that have the ability to burn fat and flush out toxins.
  • You’ll get maximum nutrition into your body so that you can gently cleanse your digestive tract and rebalance your system.
  • You’ll stimulate the lymphatic system with detox yoga classes, to move toxins out of your body.

With a clean body, you’re going to feel amazing, with a ton of energy!

If you’re ready to get started, don’t wait any longer and click the “Buy Now” button below. Enter your details and I’ll send you this Amazing 3-day downloadable detox program, which includes a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee. 

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