What is OM Detox?

OM Detox specializes in effective herbal formulas for deep internal cleansing. We help our clients transform their lives through the healing technique of fasting and detoxing. The benefits can be physical, emotional and spiritual. On this page, you will find frequently asked questions about the detox.

Can children do the OM Detox cleanse?

A: No. Our product is designed for adults.

Why should we fast during the Detox?

A: Fasting is an amazing cleansing process that reaches down to every cell and tissue in the body. It is the world’s most ancient healing mechanism and it is the secret to longevity. Fasting detoxifies the bloodstream from our unhealthy diets and lifestyles, it eliminates toxins and waste materials from our digestive tract, while restoring mental clarity. Fasting should not be a used as a weight loss program, even if the loss of fat is one of its benefits. Read more about what happens when you fast HERE.

What am I allowed to have during the Detox?

A: There is no solid food during a fast. The herbal supplements provide you with nutrients, and the psyllium fiber will suppress the hunger. We recommend you to add a freshly pressed juice in the morning, for a boost of energy. You can have up to 6 juices per day. If your goal is weight loss, choose green vegetable juices only. Herbal teas are also permitted throughout the day. A homemade vegetable broth can be taken at night, for additional nutrition and a little bit of comfort. Consult our detox juice menu for more ideas.

Is the Detox difficult?

A: This changes from one person to another. Your lifestyle, your diet and your preparation prior to the fast will determine how hard the cleanse will be. The more toxic you are, the more withdrawn symptoms you can have (headache, nausea, fatigue). The more prepared you are with a clean diet, the easier it will be. Your state of mind can also affect the cleanse. If you do it against your will for some reason, you can have negative thoughts and your cleanse can be quite uncomfortable. If you do it for yourself, you will only feel the benefits. During the fast, every day is different, like a roller coaster. One day you will have a lot of energy, and the next day you will feel lethargic.

Will I lose too much weight during the OM Detox cleanse?

A: Your body is an intelligent machine. If you do not need to lose any weight, your body knows it. There can be an impressive weight loss in the first 2 days of the cleanse, from water and stool, which will be gained back a few days after the cleanse. Most people find that their weight stabilizes after a cleanse. In general, people lose an average 1kg per day during a fast with water only. The OmDetox cleanse is not a water fast. You are provided with nutrients in the supplements and we encourage you to drink green juices throughout the cleanse. This will allow you to have more energy and lose less weight. Read more about Weight Loss.

Should I still take my medication while I do the cleanse?

A: You should talk to your health care practitioner before you start the cleanse. Your medication might need to be monitored. If you usually take multivitamins or any other supplements, you should stop them during the cleanse. Read more about the risks involved.

Can I smoke during the detox?

A: Yes, you can smoke during the detox, but we strongly advise you not to. The cleanse is a good opportunity for you to quit this habit. The goal of the cleanse is to allow the body to detoxify from toxicity and garbage from our unhealthy lifestyles. Smoking tobacco during the detox will only make the process more difficult for your body. While you will be too busy detoxifying from the smoke you just inhaled, you will not have the chance to use your body’s self-healing power and cleanse other organs. If you are able to fast for a week, you are also able to not smoke!

Can I workout during the Detox?

A: You should choose a light form of exercise like yoga, swimming, Tai Chi, or walking. Consult our support videos for a great detox yoga class. Going to the gym, jogging, or high intensity workout is not recommended. Keep your energy for your cleanse, you will need it. After the detox, you can go back to your normal routine.

Will I have urges to go to the bathroom all the time?

A. No, since there is no solid food during the cleanse, bowel movements are rare. If the need to eliminate occurs, it will not be in a rush. You might need to pass stools a few times during the 7 days program. Elimination will mostly happen through the enemas.

Is there any preparation required before the detox?

A: A good pre-cleanse diet ensures an easier fast. The first few days of your detox will be less difficult physically, with less withdrawn symptoms. Choosing an alkaline diet will change the body’s pH from acid to alkaline. While cleansing, the high acidity levels in the body are responsible for the symptoms like headache, nausea and muscle pain. We recommend you to choose a vegetarian diet 2 weeks prior to the fast and to avoid alcohol and drugs. menu for healthy recipes. 2 days before the fast, we encourage you to eat only raw fruits and vegetables, and stop drinking caffeinated beverages.

What are the benefits of colon cleansing?

A: Clearing the digestive tract from toxic build-ups is the best gift you can give to yourself. Our modern diets usually consist of animal protein, refined and processed foods, leading to a congested digestive system and thick intestinal plaque. The lack of fiber in the food we eat contributes to constipation, bloating, gas, candida overgrowth and other digestive problems. It can also promote serious health complications like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis, diverticular disease and colon cancer. The accumulation of plaque and waste products in the bowels can result in the reabsorption of toxins through the blood stream. In consequence, this can lead to many of our common discomforts and illnesses, such as migraines, fatigue, insomnia, eczema, acne, low immune system, inflammation, brain fog and more. Performing enemas has the ability to eliminate these toxic build-ups and their symptoms.

What is an enema?

A: An Enema is very gentle and effective colon cleansing method. It uses 2 liters of water at body temperature for the cleansing of the large Intestine, also called the Colon. A colon cleanse will rejuvenate and clear the body of the toxins that we are releasing through fasting, while eliminating long term standing deposits on the colon walls. The cleansing enema will be retained for a short period of time, until your natural peristaltic movement eliminates both the water and the loose fecal material. It is used to gently flush out the colon. A home enema really isn’t as scary as it sounds. When you are done with this nurturing experience, you’ll feel cleaner, lighter, and healthier.

Is the enema painful?

A: Enemas should not be painful. Most people actually like the experience and the feeling it procures after. You may occasionally feel some discomfort, like a cramp due to tension. The water flows in the colon while you are in total control. You can stop the process at any time. Most people say that they were scared at the beginning, but after a couple enemas, they got comfortable and started to truly enjoy it. You can watch an informative video about the enema on our support page.

Why should I do two enemas per day?

A: Most of us have up to 10 pounds of excess waste in the colon. Putrefied and solidified foods accumulate on the wall of the colon and form plaque. There is a lot of work to be done in a week! Also, all the toxins from our unhealthy diet will be released in the bloodstream during the fast. Two enemas per day will help flushing it all quicker, avoiding reabsorption of those toxins.

What happens to my intestinal flora while doing the detox?

A: The microbiome is a fascinating ecosystem. There are actually more non-human bacteria than human ones in our body. The life in our gut is still a mystery to the scientific world. We learn new things about it every day. We know now that good bacteria breed in a clean environment, while bad bacteria prefer an acidic and toxic environment. Unfortunately these days, most of us chose a lifestyle that creates the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Flushing out putrefied material and bad bacteria from the intestines will reset your ecosystem for a new and improved intestinal flora. Nutrients will be best absorbed in a non-toxic digestive tract and the new flora will grow naturally, with the right diet. The OmDetox kit provides you with probiotic supplements throughout the detox and for a period of 3 weeks after the cleanse.

Who should not fast?

A: If you are diagnosed with any medical condition, you should talk to your doctor. Your medication may have to be monitored during and after the fast. You should not fast if you are pregnant or nursing, if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients listed, if you are currently taking antidepressants, anticoagulants, tranquilizers, narcotics or aspirin. If you have any doubts about the detox, consult your doctor.

How often should I cleanse?

A: For cleansing purposes, we recommend to do our 7 Day program 2-3 times per year. For maintenance, we recommend doing a cleanse of 7 or 10 days, once per year. Choosing a plant-based diet, exercising and having the right amount of sleep are all part of the healthy lifestyle we promote, along with the yearly colon-cleansing program.

Om Detox 7 Day Detox and Colon Cleanse, For easy weight loss and parasite treatment
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